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The Co. "Sochiwow" provides guided tours and shore excursions in Sochi in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and other languages. A range of excursions within the city limits and in the environs of Greater Sochi is on offer. Choose a trip to Krasnaya Polyana  and enjoy the natural beauties of Western Caucasus or see the historical places with truly local guides!  We offer the guided tours to the alpine ski center in Krasnaya Polyana, Roza-Khutor or to the Olympic park  on the Black Sea coast. We’ll tell you about the past and present of Sochi. The tours can be custom or standard. We also provide vehicles for excursions: a mini-bus, a bus or a car. Cruise ships are welcome for shore excursions. The guides are accurate, polite and keep the timing and the program;  The Co. also provides  a visa-free entry for cruise passangers.

List of tours

 The full description of tours is provided on request

 Prices for Football World Cup will increase resonably

 City tour  

usually lasts 4- 4, 5 hours and includes the highlights of Sochi + one of the favorite destinations: Stalin’s dacha, Mount Achun or Arboretum. We  can also make it longer or shorter depending on what you prefer.There are 2-3 stops during the tour for pleasant walks and photo taking. When on a tour you will learn the past and present of our city inspired by the winter Olympics 2014. The price varies by the  size of your private party. Remember that the actual price is calculated considering several factors, such as number of guests, lass of service, vehicle class, method of payment.

The price includes a vehicle, driver and a tour guide

The guide's service  charge is usually 23-25 USD  per hour on average. Pricing on a busy day is usually higher, up to 30 -45 USD p.h.

See the example table below for a 4hr tour (incl. a guide, car and driver) anenjoy the benefits of exchange rate! 

A 4 hr tour for 1-3 people incl. vehicle, driver and guide in USD

4-8 people 8-19 people 20-35 people  30-45  peo            
 Price; 250  usd 270 300 500 600        

Note that the prices for shore excursions are usually higher because of seaport fees and paperwork.


  Our railway station is one of the best in the world



 Krasnaya Polyana /Roza-khutor/Olympic Park

The 1st winter Olympics in the history of Russia took place in 2014 in my City in Krasnaya Polyana!  A trip to the Olympic venues is an unforgettable experience for everybody. 11 Olympic venues are grouped into 2 clusters. So I can take you to the Mountain cluster to Krasnaya Polyana or to the coastal cluster. 

The Mountain cluster is located 650m. a. s. l. and app.1.5 hr drive away from the city centre. It takes 6-8 hrs

A trip to Coastal cluster to Olympic Park is about 4/5 hours long. Next to it is a Grand Prix Formula-1 track!  In the evening there is a dancing fountains Show!

Admissions, ski-lifts tickets or ski-passes are not included in the cost.

 The king’s house in Krasnaya Polyana, 19th c.